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On behalf of the SNA of SC Scholarship Committee, the following update is provided to members who wish to take the SNA Credentialing Exam.

 Use the attached application form to apply for a scholarship to cover costs to take the SNA Credential Exam.

  • The length of SNA/SNA of SC membership has been waived for members submitting a scholarship application to take the SNA Credentialing Exam.
  • The Credentialing Exam scholarship will cover the exam fee and the cost for the SNS Study Guide & School Food and Nutrition Service Management Bundle.
  • Please read the application form and complete in its entirety if you are interested in applying. The Exam Eligibility Requirements are included for your convenience. Please review before completing the scholarship application to be sure you meet the eligibility requirements to take the exam.


Dr. Vivian B. Pilant Scholarship Program       

vivian Pilant

The Dr. Vivian B. Pilant Scholarship Program affords School Nutrition Association of South Carolina (SNA of SC) the opportunity to provide financial assistance to its members who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge in the school food service profession and members’ dependents that pursue higher education. We are proud of the caliber of individuals who have been scholarship recipients over the past 40 years.

Until 2006, this scholarship program was known as the School Nutrition Association of South Carolina (SNA of SC) Scholarship Program (previously, the South Carolina School Food Service Association – SCSFSA); but, in the House of Delegates’ session at the 54th Annual State Conference on Friday, October 20, 2006, a motion was made to name the program the Dr. Vivian B. Pilant Scholarship Program. The motion passed with an unanimous vote.

An unveiling of the announcement by the 2006-07 President Todd A. Bedenbaugh was made at the General Session, Saturday morning, October 21, 2006 and was received by the general membership with much enthusiasm. President Bedenbaugh presented Dr. Pilant with a portrait of herself. Dr. Pilant was very surprised and moved by this honor and expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the SNA of SC.

Dr. Pilant passed away on Monday, March 29, 2010. She served as the State Director of the Office of School Food Services and Nutrition for over 25 years. She served as the President of the national organization, the School Nutrition Association, then the American School Food Service Association (ASFSA), in 1994-95 where she was a force to be reckon with as an advocate for Child Nutrition Programs. Over the course of her different positions, she testified before Congress five times—and legislators listened. She also appeared on television to further advocate for appropriate and achievable change for Child Nutrition Programs.

SNA of SC encourages its members to apply for the scholarship and other SNA scholarships. This is one of your many benefits of being a member of this great association.

Stacey Champagne, Chair
Diane D. Gillie, Co-Chair 

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