Effective August 1, 2019

President, Sharon Hunt

President-Elect, Wanda Knight, SNS

Vice-President, Cindy Jacobs

Secretary, Vikki Mullinax

Single Unit Section Chair, Tammy Wilson

Supervisor/Director Chair, Cherron Hayes

Coastal Area Representatives, Tuesday Johnson

Columbia Area Representatives, Stacey Francis

Pee Dee Area Representatives, Tory Gibson

Piedmont Area Representatives, Dedra Rowe & Kathy Kilgore

Sand Hills Area Representatives, Rene' Sturgeon

Industry Advisory Representatives, Sherry Crawley

State Advisor, Ron Jones

Budget/Finance, Kathy Kilgore, Chair & Diane D. Gillie

Parliamentarian, Cindy Jacobs

Resolutions and By-Laws, Cindy Jacobs, Chair

Membership/Star Club, Wanda Knight, SNS, Chair; Vikki Mullinax, Co-Chair

Nominating Committee, Cherron Hayes, Tammy West, Co-Chairs

Public Policy and Legislation, Todd A. Bedenbaugh

Scholarship and Awards, Stacey Francis, Chair; Tory Gibson, Co-Chair

Education Committee, Donna Davis, Chair; Amy Stabler, Co-Chair

Public Communications/Social Media, Ashley Summers, Chair

Treasurer, Diane D. Gillie

Executive Director, Joyce C. Lovett

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ONE OF THE ABOVE PERSONS, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: and a response will be sent to you as soon as possible.