South Carolina is working with the members to get more persons certified.  Pleases link of National's website and click on certification for more information:




SNS Credentialed


South Carolina SNS Credentialed persons:

Sarah Bates, SNS

Juanita Bowens, PhD, RD, SNS, Office of Health and Nutrition

Sherry Durante, SNS, Darlington

Laura Farmer, SNS, Horry

Gregg Ferguson, SNS

Kendal Higgins, SNS Spartanburg

Melissa Jackson, SNS, RD, Edgefield

Kim Johnson, SNS, Horry

Umma Kannayan, SNS

Rebecca Kenner, SNS, Office of Health and Nutrition

Wanda Knight, SNS, Laurens 55

Janice Oates, RD, SNS

Lawrence Shepard, SNS, Spartanburg

Rene Sturgeon, SNS, Darlington

Karen Taylor, SNS, Berkeley

Audra Terry, SNS, Spartanburg

Dr. Andrew Thomas, SNS

Hayley Weise, SNS, Chartwell’s

Tammie Welch, SNS, York 04


How to become SNS Credentialed