SIFT 2018 Training

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The School Nutrition Association of South Carolina will offer four (4) one-day training sessions during the month of June 2018 across the state and a two-day leadership academy. The dates and locations:

Tuesday, June 12:             Florence Area

Wednesday, June 13:         Florence Area

Thursday, June 14:            Summerville Area

Tuesday, June 19:             Clinton Area

      Click on the link below for the school address information

  • Tracks for operators and managers training at all sites.

  • Track for cashiers will be offered

  • Track for the residential child care, charter, private, and parochial schools will be offered. This class will be taught by the State Office.

Attendee Registration

We accept Credit Cards

All classes will help meet SNA Certificate Program CEUs and USDA Professional Standards annual training hours.

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SIFT - Cashiers: June 13, WED, South Florence HS
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Class Is Full

Operators’ Track-All sites

(1)   Conflict in the Workplace – When people work together conflict is often unavoidable because of differences in personal skills. This class will give you guidelines for handling those conflicts. PC Code 4140

(2)   Food Quality and Presentation – Help to increase your participation by enhancing food quality and presentation. PC Code 1320

(3)   Weights and Measures – See how they relate to recipes. PC Code 1110

(4)   Updates to HACCP – Learn what changes have been made. PC Code 2610

Managers’ Track-All Sites

(1)   Conflict in the Workplace – How to avoid conflict in your kitchen. Guidelines for handling conflict in the workplace. PC Code 4140

(2)   Healthier US School Challenge – Participants will learn how to evaluate their lunchrooms, congratulate themselves for things they are doing well and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. PC Code 4160

(3)   SNA Certificate Program – It’s time to get certified. Learn about the process and how to earn your certification. PC Code 1200

(4)   Finances: KPI You Can Control – Learn the financial savings that are at your fingertips. PC Code 3340

Cashiers’ Track – [Participation will determine site(s)]

Cashiers’ track is not a rotating class. Topics include: Conflict in the Workplace; Why Is It Important for My Numbers to Balance; Reimbursable Meals; Dealing with Parents, Teachers, and Students; Basic Math; and Offer vs Serve.

The cost is $50 and includes all class materials and lunch. Registration will begin at 7:45 a.m. and classes will end at 4:30 p.m. You will be able to earn 6 CEU’s for the classes.

Leadership Academy

The Directors/Supervisors Leadership Academy will be held June 21-22 (Thursday and Friday) at the Saluda Shoals Park, 5605 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29212. Classes will be taught by the State Office of Health and Nutrition. Additional class information will be provided later.


A Training Collaborative Effort with SC Department of Social Services!

SNA of SC is partnering with the SC Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide training exclusively for childcare and adult day care providers. The presenters will be DSS staff. This session will address USDA guidance pertaining to their specific program implementation. 


At any time, please send your comments, ideas, suggestions, to: [email protected] and they will be passed on to the committee as work begins for another year. 

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