Public Policy and Legislation

File Manager -> leg.jpgSNA of South Carolina  takes an interest in and is very active in all matters of public policy and legislation that affects health and nutrition of children, especially as it pertains to child nutrition in school. We advocate measures that seek to improve the nutritional environment, operational regulations, program expenses, reimbursement rates and other important issues that affect school nutrition programs. We thank the Congress for continuing to support child nutrition and for recognizing that nutrition is linked to good health, academic achievement and national security.


The 2015 Legislative Action Conference promises to be an exciting conference this year.  Breakout sessions in LAC history will include topics on Best Practices, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Product Development and Availability, Meal Pattern Success Stories, Sourcing Locally to Meet Vegetable Subgroups, Encouraging Students to Try New Menu Items and Marketing Your Program.

An exciting new Capitol Hill reception will take place on Tuesday afternoon.  The reception will allow SNA members and industry partners to visit firsthand with Members of Congress and their staff.

Attending the LAC this year from South Carolina will be Cindy Jacobs, Kim Johnson, Diane Gillie, Leon Williams, Todd A. Bedenbaugh, Jennifer Scott, Dawn Bailey, Alexis Shook, Dana Murphy, Valiant Sommers, Jermaine Wilson, Laura Farmer and Joyce Lovett.

Industry partners attending include Jeff Flynn, Melissa Payne, Penny Fine, Stephanie Johnson, Leslie Pannenbacker, Sherry Crawley, Wanda McDowell, and Megan Teates. 

Click here for pictures from the 2015 representatives and attendees




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